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Aftercare Instructions

  • Remove bandage after 2-4 hours

  • Wash your tattoo with warm water and liquid hand soap. Do not use a wash cloth and let air dry

  • Admire how cool you look with your new tattoo

  • Gently apply a VERY small amount of Aquafor on your tattoo. Spread evenly

  • Repeat 3-4 times a day for the next 7 days. After day 7 use unscented lotion


  • Change bedding if any animals sleep in the bed

  • NO swimming, tanning, hot tubs or rolling in mud puddles for the next 3 weeks

  • Allow 4 to 5 weeks for your tattoo to be fully healed

  • Take lots of pictures to show off your new tat, even if it’s a weird pose make sure you get your tattoo in every picture from now on

For any questions please call or email us at:


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