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Henry James

Having been a Tattoo Artist since 1998, Henry brings years of experience and expertise to every tattoo. This man loves doing bold, classic, blue collar tattoos. Not only will he give you an awesome tat, but he'll tell you as many crazy stories as you can stomach while he does it. 

Henry's portfolio


Matt Madison


Hailing from the distant lands of Savannah, Georgia; Matt has put years of his life into learning and honing his craft. He does stellar illustrative tattoos with unique designs and vibrant color. Matt is living proof that Georgia doesn't just put out sweet peaches, but kick-ass tattoo artists too.

Matt's portfolio


Nicholas Rothenbuhler

Nicholas has been in and out of tattoo shops since the early 2000's and his love for the craft shows in every tattoo he does. He enjoys doing bold, classic traditional style tattoos. If his tats don't win you over, his bear-sized heart will. 

Nick's portfolio


DL Rius


In 2018 D showed up at our door like a lost puppy with nothing but a twinkle in his eye and a portfolio in his hand. Since then we’ve shaped him into a tattoo artist through many, many dark rituals and some green soap. D loves tattooing everything but any dark or spooky subject matter is his favorite.  

D's portfolio

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